Is it important to ask why? I guess if it’s just a great sensation you are after, it is almost self explanatory. But yogi in India spend years and years working at achieving a bliss state. I doubt its just for a freebie good feeling?

The messages received by James Padgett are intriguing, in that they suggest this Divine Bliss is actually the way we become “reborn of Spirit”. Now that will mean almost nothing to a non-Christian, but to some Christians it’s the Holy Grail. This is what Jesus said about being reborn:

John 3:3 Jesus replied, “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.”

And is it important that we achieve a soul transformation, which is what is meant by this? Well it appears that is the only way you can exit the time/space realms. So I guess, if progression is your aim, its important.

I have not so far found any other source that ties Divine Bliss to eternal soul progression. Even the amazing Urantia Book appears not to cover that issue.

One thought on “Why?

  1. Hello, Geoff. Thank you for sending me to this site.
    I think being reborn is an ongoing process of interpreting “Old concepts in new ways”. Little by little the depth and rigor of our understandings enlarge. However, knowing something is useless. One must BE the understanding without forethought. That is, putting new wine into new wine sacks.
    I believe this is a process that proceeds at the pace as defined by a person’s level of passionate desire. 1. A major understanding has been formulating in a person’s soul. 2. The person finally articulates it or recognizes it as another articulates for them. 3. One must BE the understanding. The bliss, of course, is surely an increased attainment as we reach for God. I know that when I potty trained myself, I indeed reached a relative “bliss” as keeping dry is a more comfortable way to spend the day. Feeling the warmth of God wrap arounld me for a hug is another form of bliss. So, we must climb the ladder of “Biss”.