What is Bliss?

Bliss is an ecstatic feeling that you experience. Is it the same as an orgasm? Well that feeling is definitely based on the nervous system, and it is something that is wonderful to experience, but is very different to “the peace that knows no understanding” which is not based on the nervous system.

I have also experienced something like orgasm, but throughout the whole body, and without any physical result such as orgasm brings to a male. That went on for about five minutes, and represents the highest state of “bliss” that I have ever experienced. I do not believe I triggered that event, and others that I know of have attributed that to some sort of spiritual “upgrade”.  Certainly I have never repeated the experience in ten years. I have also experienced a type of bliss in an out-of-body state. That too was like an orgasm, but experienced through my chest area, and I awoke to prove it did not happen in this realm. Again it was not “the peace that knows no understanding”.

So, how many kinds of bliss are there?

Well that question has been answered, but its pretty hard to find folks with enough experience. The point is, if you were to experience bliss, would you really stop and wonder if you have it right? If there is another bliss that might be “better”? What one is however looking for, is something you can experience on-demand. And something that makes you feel wonderful, for an extended period of time.

If you read a book called “My Baba and I” written by Dr. John Hislop, you might be interested to know that he was a long time Transcendental Meditation practitioner and he has this to say:

After several days of the 3 a.m.-to-bedtime meditation, waves of bliss started to sweep through me. They were so intense, I could hardly bear them. But, at the same time a devastating realization struck me —This sensation was being experienced in the nervous system of the body — it was not the Divine Bliss which the ancients have described as ‘that peace which passeth all understanding.’

A current quote from the TM site, is as follows:

“After TM practice, I often experience a sublime wholeness — a sense of completeness — continuing in daily activity. I feel a simple, intimate harmony and connection with everything and everyone around me. These experiences of unity and oneness are extremely blissful and have been transformational in raising my appreciation and enjoyment of life.”
—Mark Roberts Telecommunications consultant Seattle

And here is the definition of Transcendental Meditation:

Through Transcendental Meditation (TM®) technique, the mind unfolds its potential for unlimited awareness, transcendental awareness, Unity Consciousness – a lively field of all potential, where every possibility is naturally available to the conscious mind. The conscious mind becomes aware of its own unbounded essence, its infinite potential.

This definition talks about “Unity Consciousness”. Some may take that to be the same as “God” but others certainly would not. This introduces the curious issue, that there may be two types of bliss. I recently also came across this message, from an angel:

You are reading a lot about mysticism now. I know it is an interesting topic. But be aware that you must apply your own criterion. For example, mystics claim that they can achieve at-onement with God through meditation. This is not quite true. They can achieve at-onement – but with the universe, that is: with God’s creation.”

“What does this mean?” I inquired.

“This means that they finally come to the experience that they are not isolated individual beings here on earth, but there is a vast interconnection. They are aspects of a whole, and as they change, the whole changes. As others change, they are affected, etc. too. This is a topic that I have promised to elaborate on, and I will do so. But not now.

So, one can have a union with God, creating “the peace that knows no understanding” or one can have union with Creation itself, leading to a bliss that is similar to a few I have experienced myself, but which are all in the nervous system – an orgasmic type of “bliss”. While it is true that one would experience “the peace that knows no understanding” within one’s nervous system, I think the real point is that the SOURCE of that is not in the nervous system.