If you have experienced bliss, please tell us about it, and give us enough detail that we can determine how you did it, and what kind of bliss you may have experienced.

11 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. When I first felt the bliss, it was so intense that I thought I was having a heart attack. I had to ask for it to be stopped, immediately. Then I asked for it to be returned, and went on like that for a few days till I was totally confident this had nothing really to do with my physical heart, even if it felt like a heart problem.

    The rest of the folks who were encouraging me all shook their heads sagely and pointed out that I obviously must have a lot of compensation to do, because “Divine Love never hurts”

    Then, that year, in the annual meeting, a comment about me and my shutting off the Love was communicated, because it was more than my heart could bear, and suddenly I was vindicated. And yes, I do think my soul was damaged as a result of the 20 odd years of high stress marriage I endured.

    That sensation of pain kept up for at least 18 months, till slowly subsiding. These days its a wonderful glow, something you can’t get used to, and can’t stop wanting more of. Its totally addictive, and the glow lasts for an hour or more. At times I can feel “pressure” rather than pain, but not pain. That phase is passed.

    In my case, the bliss was generated by following the instructions that were given to me by a group called Divine Love Christians. These are quite simple, but do require a deep belief in God. I was told to pray to God, from my heart/soul and a response would be felt. It tool about three weeks of determined effort for this to work. Its not always easy to get out of the mind, and operate from heart/soul. A prayer was provided, which certainly was instrumental in the beginning, but I no longer find it necessary, now that I have trained my soul to reach out to God.

  2. I have considered whether my experiences could be some state of bliss. Being a hardcore non-believer most of my life I find it interesting having had these experiences never considering whether they were in any way related to receiving Divine Love. But retrospectively it might have been so. I am now developing my personal relationship wit God but this is only within the last few months. This feels like an eternal, loving and truthful path to me.

    Without going much into any personal details, my story is that of a neclected child with many losses and not much love. This left me very depraved, unhappy and with very little love for myself, but with huge compassions for others. I always felt that it couldn’t be true that life felt so miserable and thus engaged in different types of therapies, actually to be more happy.

    Some years ago I started using a technique called rebirthing, and during these sessions I have felt an enormous amount of love in my heart and soul. I felt it saved me, because I gradually was able to let go of emotional blockages, losses and deep sorrow, not by experiencing my traumas again, but by something like tapping into a love and forgiveness stored in my soul. After such sessions I “woke” up feeling like a heavy burden left me, with so much love and compassion inside simply feeling a deep desire to share this love, knowing how wonderful creatures we are. In this state my breath stopped for several minutes and I was in a state I cannot describe.

    Love allways,

  3. Gee, thank you Connie, sincerely, thank you.
    I am going away for a few days on Wednesday and will be back next week and when I am settled again I hope to post a bit about myself as well.
    I feel like this could be a wonderful sharing space, I’m really pleased Geoff set it up.

  4. When I first found the Padgett Messages speaking of Divine Love, I soaked them up like a sponge, thinking that finally there was a grain of truth I could investigate. I’ve always been an intellectual, a man of reason, and I didn’t really understand what longing was. Some kind of attempt at serenity, or sustained conscious choice, if there is such a thing.

    Then, late October 2009 while I played with my cat, Pepe, something dawned on me concerning my relationship with the Father: What if, no matter how much love I gave, and no matter how kind and affectionate I was, Pepe avoided me at all costs? Hissed at me? Bit me? Hid across the house from me? Would I not be sad and injured because of it? What if in some tiny way I was doing the same to the Father? What if I was causing him pain? It didn’t matter to me that it was God I was thinking about, and that He must reap great happiness from countless others – just the idea that I might be unknowingly causing Him pain jarred me to the core.

    It was all I could think about as I drove my bus route that day. On that route, that day, was the first time I successfully reached out to the Father – a painful, desperate plea.

    It took exactly 5 seconds to feel the answer. First a massive feeling of pressure and expansion in my head, and then later the telltale burning in my heart that seems a commonplace feeling of the Divine Love. It was euphoric, and nothing has been the same since.

    There exists on the 11:11 website a message that speaks of “Effortless Effort,” and I agree with it 100%. While we do have to choose to devote time and attention to the Father, the longings and their sincerity shouldn’t feel like effort – neither physical, nor mental – because they’re something else entirely. They should feel right, and absolute – a conviction that defies all mortal description – and when the connection is made, you *know.*

    I’ve never been able to *will* the connection to receive Divine Love. It’s always more of a surrender – an opening of a door. It’s passive. I had to learn how to trust all over again, to let someone in, someone whose power makes me seem like nothing. It was (and is) a big thing for me – it’s like handing over the administrator’s password to your operating system, knowing that all kinds of damage could be done to you, but betting on God’s Love and Desire to care for you. And now, more than two years later, life has never been simpler, and it continues to improve in subtle ways that I’d have never noticed before now.

    And it is indeed the best thing in the world.

  5. I believe my revelations evolve much like James’ while Geoff’s comments trigger an example . I’m doing some form of physical labor where action is mechanical such as painting. I am wondering why my ex-husband is afraid to get remarried and move on with his life. I hear the message that I manipulate him into concerning him about my approval due to the responsibility and guilt he feels toward me. I start reflecting on our interactions and think I see my manipulating. I then vow not to do it again, but repeatedly find myself naturally stepping into a personality when he is around. I slowly get better at recognizing and staying out of my manipulating ways. I then tell him II tell him I’d like to see him married. Two months later he calls to tell me he is engaged.
    My favorite message came during my 4 year old’s 4 hour temper tantrum. No reason for it. She was driving me crazy as she could not be sated. Finally I raised my hands in the air and yelled, “You know what you need?” I fully meant a spanking. She stuck her lip out, threw her hands on her hips and said, “What?” definitely. I looked in her eyes and said Lord I love her and don’t want to spank her. A voice replied, “She is young and does not have the sophistication or vocabulary to identify or put into words the frustration she is feeling. She needs a hug. I returned to her and told her she needed a hug. She must have clung to my neck for minutes on end. She smiled and walked away. She never again had a temper tantrum. An overnight visitor of my older daughter witnessed the whole thing. She came to ask me why I didn’t spank Kim and as we talked, it came out that she was being sexually abused by her grandmother’s boyfriend. That situation was healed as well.