Welcome to Divine Bliss

Welcome to Divine Bliss. I hope that you can share your own experiences of bliss, or learn from ours to enjoy this wonderful uplifting experience.

7 thoughts on “Welcome to Divine Bliss

  1. Hello Geoff and others,

    Thank you for the invitation to your new website. I will say upfront that the photos are very warm and welcoming. They invite me to stay, which I hope to do.

    I can’t express what I felt when I saw two women here — Connie and Mary. I know I felt very happy and elated to see them here and already posting. I will return soon.

    Geoff, are the photographs displayed here photos that you have taken?

    Blessing and love to all,

    • Dear Joseph,

      Great to see you here. Yes these are all photos I took. All of Australian scenes. Two are of the Great Ocean road, of the so called “apostles”, one of the red center, but not Uluru, rather Kata Tjuta (The Olgas) and one of the sun setting at Broom, one of the Bungle Bungles and the rest in the far North of the Kimberleys, including the horizontal waterfall.

  2. Lovely to see you here too Joseph, I hope all is going well for you x

    I love the photos too, and have always loved the Great Ocean Road, very beautiful coastline of my home state, Victoria.


  3. Love breaks the heart

    Love is a divine thing. If it enters a human heart it breaks it. The human heart was created in order to be broken in this way. It is the saddest waste if it is broken by anything else. But it prefers to be broken by anything rather than by the divine love. Because the divine love breaks only those hearts which consent to be broken; and this consent is difficult to give.

    Simone Weil
    (French philosopher, social activist and mystic)
    First and Last Notebooks 324

    I read this in an email from Emergent website, I’m not sure how true it is but it links up with the idea of feeling the pain in the heart and asking for it to decrease/increase (idea of consent). Something to ponder on.

  4. For me it was a shakening and the Holy Spirit does have a sweet small voice,I heard “Divine God” very amazing and the most wonderful feeling to realize,Yes.He is really there!

    • Hi Danielle,
      Thanks for your comment. It is something to experience, but the challenge is to be able to experience Divine Love at any time you choose.
      love, Geoff